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U2 Tribute Band
The U2 Tribute Band booked to play a two night residency at the Church in Dublin Ireland for the U2 40th Anniversary Celebrations.
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Hotpress, 3 years ago

“I thought U2Baby were amazing. I think I prefer them to U2 - and it was much easier to get in!” Guggi - renowned artist and Bono's best friend since the days of Cedarwood Road

Hotpress, 3 years ago

It was 40 years ago yesterday that I joined my first band, they've done ok over the years (although nothing to give 29 Fingers any cause for concern ha ha). So off I went to Dublin to join in the #U240 celebrations and had to do a double take when I saw the U2 tribute band U2Baby rocking it up in a crowded, hot and sweaty Church Bar by the Liffey. With a few pints of Guinness blurring the edges (no pun intended) I was transported back to '78 and the Dandelion Market Saturday afternoon U2 gigs. If you like U2 go and see this band..." Ivan McCormick - one of the original band members who turned up to Larry Mullen's parents kitchen before U2 became U2

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