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Bandeoke Band
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The One Hit Wonders - The Bandeoke band will help you #releaseyourrockstar at any Party, Wedding, Birthday, Christmas or Corporate Event

A Covers band that lets you sing is not a Bandeoke band... We're SO much more than that... It was a cold Tuesday morning when Adam and Juppy, having an early coffee in their studio came up with the idea of Bandeoke. Looking for a way of giving people the experience of being the front man or woman of a band for a song, but in a much cooler way than karaoke they started working out a plan to create The One Hit Wonders.   The vision of Bandeoke soon came together, to create a band so good and tight they can perform with a singer who doesn't really know what is happening, and still give them the time of their life. Their opportunity to taste what it is like to be Bono, or someone less irritating... All mixed in with making sure the audience is having the time of their life and creating an evening that everyone would be talking about for a long time to come.   As time has gone on more and more bands have started offering bandeoke, but we've worked out everything to the smallest detail, making sure that our nights are unforgettable for everyone. Things such as...   Bandeoke, Covers and DJ   We offer the lot. As the evening starts we'll play covers until the courage comes for your guests to get up and sing with us, then as the evening continues will throw in the occasional couple of songs to make sure everyone is having a good dance. If it seems that people are just wanting a dance then we can stop the bandeoke altogether and just play a rocking set to get grooving to. As the night starts to end we have a full DJ rig which we can get set up to make sure that your guests are partying till the very last second.    PA system   Even the biggest bands in the world have to make sure their PA system is up to standard, and we're no different.   With help from our friends at MusicBros we tested over 30 PA systems looking for exactly the one that would fit our specific demands, making sure that even the quietest of singers can be heard over the rabble of the band, but without compromise of the overall quality of the sound.   After extensive testing we luckily spotted the Yamaha.... . These speakers are specifically made to make sure that the vocal sound through them is thrown out at a higher rate than anything else, meaning that the singer can always be heard, no matter how shy or quiet they are.   Lyric Screen   Rather than having annoying paper for lyrics on stage we worked on a solution that meant that the singer could spend their moment in the spotlight doing the important stuff (ROCKING OUT!) rather than worrying about which words come next.   To do this we created the Screen of Many Words. This screen has the lyrics on at an angle easily seen even for the most rocking of head banger. Controlled by the bassist live on stage if you make a mistake we can go back and make sure that the performance is the best one you can give, normally without anyone realising there was a mistake at all. No click tracks or backing recordings   Everything you see and hear is 100% live. This means that if the singer makes a mistake we can go back and do it again, or if someone is amazingly good and the crowd are going wild we can play the chorus again and milk the moment for just a little longer. Or if you're really wanting to test the band you can hold off on the pauses and make them sweat until you're ready to come in again - the singer is totally in control!   World class musicians   Being quite shy and not wanting to blow our own trumpet we thought we'd use a recent write up about us, rather than write it ourselves. "The guys in the band aren't just good. They're really good. Want to change the key of the song? No problem. Slow version of a fast song? Easy. Fast version of a slow song? That's when you'll get them excited. With years of touring, gigging and recording experience they are just about up for any of it. Just don't shout drum solo - it will never end…"  300 songs   Catering for all ages we have 300 songs at our disposal ready for your event. We can even learn new songs specifically for you!* All you need to do is put your name and the song on a slip (see the next reason you should book us!) bring it to the front and we then mould the songs coming in into a setlist. Menus & sign up slips   We bring loads of menus and sign up slips to all events, so you can sit with your friends and decide which to go for! There is even a mic rating system to let you know how difficult or easy each song is. Once you make your choice fill in a sign up slip and bring it to the front, then wait your turn to shine!    Loads of mics   Feeling shy? Want to do a duet? Do you and all your friends know the dance moves to that Spice Girls song you're going to sing? Well fear not, we have 3 singer microphones, so if you want to get up with your friends that's no problem! See if you can beat our current record of having 32 people on stage at one time for the final song!**   Covers   Any songs offered can also be done as covers, which means no awkward gaps while people are deciding their song. We will start the gig with some songs ourselves and then sprinkle a few into the evening as the bandeoke gets going. If everyone looks like they're wanting to dance we can even stop the bandeoke and just make sure the party is rocking, it's entirely your call.   Competitive prices   We love gigging. We'd much rather be gigging than sitting at home. Our prices reflect this, making sure you get the best deal possible. Get in touch to get a bespoke quote for your event.

Bandeoke Band
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From customers:

Jo, 2 years ago

The MOST fantastic band! Helped the youngest and oldest guests get involved and made our tenth wedding anniversary/NYE celebration the most incredible evening. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Kath A, 3 years ago

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the guys for making our day really special. Everyone has been raving about how good you all were. It was exactly what we wanted and more. We hope you enjoyed the night too! The venue was amazing and you rocked it! Thank you again and if you'd like me to write any reviews anything like that then let me know and I'd be more than happy to do it! Take care and I really hope we get to see you again for more bandeoke fun!

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