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Contemporary Quartet

“Unapologetically adventurous and fearless, these new kids on the block are shaking up the contemporary classical world through their lively performances and diehard commitment to new music.” Nonclassical The Hermes Experiment is a quartet, passionate about contemporary and experimental music. The ensemble is dedicated to creating music which is innovative and unique. Capitalising on their deliberately idiosyncratic combination of instruments, The Hermes Experiment performs a variety of experimental compositions and arrangements, as well as venturing into live free improvisation. The ensemble also seeks to promote and collaborate with composers, regularly commissioning new works for the ensemble. The Hermes Experiment are winners of the Nonclassical Battle of the Bands 2014 and UK Young Artists 2014. “It was an enormous pleasure to write for The Hermes Experiment, and to work with them: they are four immensely talented young musicians with bags of enthusiasm and energy, and an impressive commitment to the material they perform. I think they have a very bright future.” Giles Swayne

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