Guitar Duo/Trio/Quartet/Quintet

The Gypsy Dynamite

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Guitar Duo/Trio/Quartet/Quintet
Gypsy Swing Guitar duo extendable to Trio,Quartet,Quintet and Sextet,based in London and available for private and public gigs and recording

The soul of Gypsy Dynamite, Filippo and Giulio explode onto stage with sizzling guitar, unique and fresh arrangements of traditional Gypsy swing, Italian and Spanish music and memorable ‘million sellers’; Gypsy Dynamite style! The band was originally formed as a duo by Giulio Romano Malaisi and Filippo Dall'Asta in London in 2012. Since then the young and dynamic foundation of Gypsy Dynamite, Giulio and Filippo have been playing in the most prestigious venues across London and in Europe too, receiving great feedback from each venue and audience they've entertained.



From customers:

Trustee P, 6 years ago

When I feel I want to dream I play Santana's Salvador and Black Magic Woman, when I feel I want to dance and be happy then I play the Gypsy Dynamite's album. It continues to bring me pleasure" Raficq Abdulla

Ed L, 6 years ago

Gypsy Dynamite... One of the most incredibly talented band we've ever seen perform live. Every song draws in the listener with their energetic and animated performances. Gypsy Dynamite will blow your mind... LIKE DYNAMITE!