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Piano Quintet

The Aether Quintet was formed in October 2014. Sam Alberman is in his first year studying Natural Sciences at Trinity. He plays violin in various orchestras and ensembles in the university and enjoys playing football. Louise Ayrton is in her second year of Modern and Medieval Languages at Trinity College, where she holds a choral scholarship. She is also active in the theatre and opera scenes. Hannah Gardiner is in her first year studying English Literature at King's College. She began playing the violin at the age of six and moved onto first study viola at the age of fifteen. Wallis Power, having attended the Junior Department of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, has partaken in various chamber music courses and masterclasses with Paul Watkins and Raphael Wallfisch. She is currently in her first year studying Music at Pembroke College. Marianne Schönle is now in her first year reading Music at Girton College after studying piano and bassoon at Junior Guildhall. She is also interested in languages and literature. She and Wallis first played together in their early teenage years on a Pro Corda chamber music course, and later went on to play in a piano trio at Junior Guildhall for two years. Wallis also met Louise on a MusicWorks course. Hannah and Sam had also played together prior to the formation of this quintet, performing Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante in November 2013.

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