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New Delhi
Run its the Kid is a moody waltz band based out of New Delhi, India.

Run its the Kid is a moody waltz band based out of New Delhi, India. Playing shows since early 2013, they now find themselves on the other side of their debut album which released on the 29th February 2016. The album is comprised of songs, some of which being sombre ballads about how people choose to live their lives, and others being plain, playful (and sometimes depressing) songs about falling in and out of love. The band has played festivals across India and has been featured in Rolling Stones, India, The Hindu, Bullhorn, and various other web-based journals.

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From customers:

Rolling I, 3 years ago

Say hello to the newest mood-builders on the block. Delhi band "Run it’s the Kid might have been around only a couple of years but their debut single belies their young age. “Love We’re Made From Porcelain” is a rich slow waltz with plenty of reverie and melody to make you want to dwell on a decaying love and what-could-have-beens.

The B, 3 years ago

If you ever think India’s growing alternative musicians lacked soul, you don’t have to look further than Delhi-based rock band Run It’s the Kid.

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