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Vocal Ensemble
Vocal ensemble specializing in original music by composer Zory Burner and mixed choral arrangements of Pre-Renaissance Byzantine chants.

Peregrina EnChantica is a London-based vocal ensemble, founded by composer Zory Burner in early 2014, as a significant part of her initiatives and projects. The ensemble is named after the honored since ancient times Peregrine falcon, aiming to 'enchant' audiences with performances of its unique music. Some of Peregrina EnChantica's latest projects include: 2016-2017 Concert series, presenting Zory Burner’s original seven-part song-cycle, in support of birds & wildlife conservation. Special performance on Hen Harrier Day by BAWC at Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve, in contribution to RSPB's Hen Harrier Life project, featuring the ensemble’s second single, "Forgotten Names". 2015-2016 "Sub Dio" music video, the ensemble's first released single, in contribution to UK's National Bird Vote campaign; performances in multiple festivals, including Southbank Centre’s Chorus 2015, the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London and the International Youth Festival of Arts, "The Muses" at the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, where the ensemble was awarded first place in four different categories. Peregrina EnChantica is a project-based ensemble, mainly presenting Zory Burner's original choral works and is one of the first choirs in the UK to specialize in concert performances of the sacred chants of the Orthodox churches, of the former lands of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), one of the world's treasure-houses of the a cappella choral repertoire, as well as their derivatives by Russian classical composers of 18th -20th c., specially arranged for the ensemble by its artistic director.

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From customers:

Jenna L, 5 years ago

A Journey on the Wings of Music was a fantastic concert series that brought culture and professionalism in the arts to our community. The programme you presented in Loughton was phenomenal, and the ensemble was brimming with talent. The Byzantine chants were mesmerizing and it was a unique opportunity to hear such ancient music. It was a brilliant event and the feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive!