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Fin Abbo is an experienced drummer, equally adept in the studio as he is at performing live. See professional videos of Fin playing at the FINABBO CO UK site. Born in1998, Fin started playing drums aged eight. He was tutored relentlessly over the next decade by the great James Drohan of Matthew and the Atlas, Common Tongues and Clever Thing who helped him build a powerful, natural style which makes an impact on everyone who hears him play. Based in Sussex, Fin has played and recorded with many bands, most recently with The Ferns (punchy, melodic rock with intelligently crafted songs) and Opus Kink (riotous Afrobeat, funk, punk and reggae beats). Fin has also played live with the immensely popular electro dance group Transformer. Years of professional recording and hundreds of live gigs have allowed Fin to perfect his excellent technique, allowing his originality and creativity to shine through. He’s a real musician’s favourite. “Fin is the best drummer I’ve seen for years”, “He pushes the band along so effortlessly, so impressive”, “Fin’s a natural, brilliant!”

Rock Band
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From customers:

Tim P, 1 year ago

Abbo is fantastically talented, a really creative drummer

Gigslutz, 2 years ago

... Fin has huge natural ability - the best new drummer I've seen in years ...