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Jazz Band
Jazz band comprising a singer and a rotating group of instruments, including sax, trumpet, trombone, drums, bass, guitar and piano.

Me & My Old men started late in 2016 when the band started getting booked for various ball around the town of St Andrews. We have so far played The Opening Ball, McIntosh Ball, Glitter Ball and DRA Ball. Our style is varied and we love to find new ways to interpret classics - some of our favourite songs to perform are numbers by Nina Simone, Louis Prima, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

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From customers:

The S, 2 years ago

Upon entering the marquee, guests were greeted with a jazzy and seductive atmosphere, and I personally found the sweet voice of Valentine Moscovici (of Me and my Old Men) wafting through the air dryly humorous, as it provided an ironic contrast to the elaborate sections of the tent dedicated to different sins.

Owl E, 2 years ago

The frankly unreal voice of Valentine Moscovici was gently encouraging the early arrivals to the dance floor.