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A capella vocal trio performing traditional polyphonic Georgian folksong as well as spontaneous improvisations

LILA is a group of three humans united by a passion for singing. In particular their inspiration comes from the ancient tradition of polyphonic folksong from Georgia in the Caucasus. Having been fortunate to study this music together under the tuition of master teacher of voice Frank Kane, they formed the LILA trio to explore the vibrational connection of their three voices further. The LILA singers Bernard, Ali and Annalie are especially keen to share the healing benefits that they have discovered and experienced from this kind of singing with others. Einstein is often reputed to have said that everything in life is vibration, and this fundamental way of understanding life can open up surprising new pathways in ourselves and our relationships with the world. Recent performances include: Trinity Hospice, Clapham London Shambhala Meitation Centre Tamada Restaurant, Kilburn (Tbilisi flood fundraiser) University College London