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Coventry, West Midlands
A band formed of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds producing world music that challenges not just the musician but also audiences.

Fasten your seat belts . . . .... Kadence Music started many years ago . . . . in fact when Mahendra was 6yrs old !!!! Of course he hadn't a clue that it had started but so the story began . . .... From playing drum kit in a steel band, tabla in the temple and singing in the school choir Kadence Music had started . ..... Kadence Music currently has started to move on the world music stage, a band from a diverse cultural and ethnic background producing music that challenges not just the musician but also audiences, taking them around the globe through a mix of musical genres.

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Hardish V, 3 years ago

Kadence Music is a kaleidoscope of sound capturing music fused with electronics, traditional and folk with world influences. Close your eyes and you will be transported to a place where the beat is at the heart of the rhythm. Open your eyes to see the colourful characters of diverse cultural backgrounds on stage who truly represent what it is to be alive in Britain today. Kadence features some of the best music talent coming together to create an epic experience for the dance floor