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Ramsgate , Kent

InterSeptors - The History The InterSeptors first line up was formed some fifteen years ago by Henry Braganza and some previous musical friends he knew at the time. The original line up consisted of seven members which is where the name of the band came from ............... Inter-Sept-ors. With various changes in the line up as members either moved on or due to the usual musical departures and new arrivals; we come to the superb and talented line up of today. The band has honed its craft and seen some gifted performers in its time; above all we have shared the stages with you - the audiences. We would be nowhere without your constant support. nterSeptors are one of a few top high profile Live Music Bands to emerge from Kent and South East England. In the last fifteen years since the band's explosive appearance on the Live Music Scene in Kent, InterSeptors have carved a unique and major niche market on to the Party & Dance circuits. The impeccable pedigree of the 3 - piece horn section has shown a magical side to what this 10 - Piece Live Music Show offers the discerning listener or party goer. You want to dance? Your feet will want to! You want to just listen? Well we're flattered and honoured but we do know if we were in the audience, we'd want to too! Nameless to say, this band combined impeccable Musicianship with a Live high energy show that will enthrall during an entire performance - day afternoon or evening. Booked by several blue chip Corporate Clients and Companies; Festivals & Weddings; Sports Events and just general parties; everyone from Booking Agents to the ordinary person in the street booking the band for a special entertainment soiree to a general party, have nothing but complete approbation and applause for the band and their performances. If you have yet to experience the InterSeptors phenomenon; do try and go see this superb conglomerate of music players and singers doing their thing at a local venue near you. Most Public Houses have free admission with patrons only too pleased to be overflowing with their praise for this band adding a willingness to share their views with you with verve and excitement.

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