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Metal Band
A group of village idiots from the town of Rochdale... Don't let us get too close, we DO bite!

A group of three people decided to get together for the Rochdale Feel Good 2015 festival, their names were Michael Mucha (Drums), Adam Denvir (Guitar) and Almighty War-Pig (Bass). After this, they decided to carry on as a band playing covers and doing original songs, after a few weeks, they recruited a second guitarist, Louis Grayson, and the band started on originals, War-Pig and Louis started on working on a song called Orphan, however, three members of the band, Michael, Adam and Louis, decided to quit the band without War-Pig's knowledge. They let him know and left the band to him to get back together again, after a week or two, War-Pig found a guitarist, Callum Edwards, who was very eager on joining and gaining experience. Not long after that, Jack Donnelly contacted War-Pig about joining the band as the vocalist, which he agreed with. A few weeks later, Tom Barnes joined as the drummer, and though the band is still waiting on a bassist, the band is looking forward to practising together.

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