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Duetta - formed by two hungarian professional violin-viola players. These two instruments combine to produce wildly colored sound. Their repertoire includes classical pieces, pop-rock favourites, traditionals, ragtimes, popular musical and film music melodies. Duetta is available for any occassion, like weddings, birthday parties, private company banquets, background music in art galleries, etc. Marietta is originally from Hungary, She has been playing the violin and viola since early childhood. She took part in and achieved prizes at many national and international competitions for instance: Pro Archi and Bach Competition. In 2008 she graduated from the University of Szeged(Hungary) with a Bachelor of Music . While studying, Marietta took part in many national viola courses and played in the Symphony Orchestra of Szeged, BM Duna Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Tatabánya, theatre orchetra, Filmhatás (Movie effect) Orchestra and Jeunesses Musicales Internation Orchestra. In 2009 she worked in Hubay Jenő Music School as violin teacher and she also has experience in teaching individuals and groups. Now based in London,Marietta plays in the Konvalia Quartet and Duetta, leads the viola section in the Notting Hill Orchestra and Choir for Film Music and performes in many orchestras and chamber groups. She participates in different style of orchestra, chamber music and recording projects, and also as a teacher and session musician. Szimonetta also came from Hungary. She started to play the violin when she was 10, later she swiched to the viola. Her little sister is a cellist so they played together a lot. In 2015 she graduated from the University of Debrecen with a Bachelor of Music. While she was studying she played in the Kodály Philharmonic of Debrecen and in the Kodály Zoltán World Youth Orchestra. After her graduation she moved to London. In 2016 she joined the Notting Hill Orchestra and Choir for Film Music, and formed the Duetta with Marietta Szalóki.