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Performing Arts Circus
A unique blend of theatre, poetry and musical acts who tour in unlikely and mystical venues around London.

The Dark Arts Circus, is a wandering cabinet of curios, oddities and freaks that pitches its tent in churches, cemeteries, derelict buildings and disused lunatic asylums. So, no high-wire act, no lion-tamers, no knife throwers but this caliginous collection of inspiration, this bleak, beautiful invocation casts a similar child-like spell to those half remembered nights at the circus.

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From customers:

The A, 4 years ago

It is a wandering cabinet of curiosities, a literary sideshow boasting scribes, poets and storytellers set to a magical, musical soundtrack.

Oktawia, 3 years ago

There is never a dull moment and always an air of magic when performing with Dark Arts Circus!