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Wind Sextet
Chiltern Musica is a classically-trained ensemble based in the Chilterns area, northwest of London.

Chiltern Musica was born of a simple ambition: to provide as versatile an ‘on-demand’ chamber music experience for the audience as possible. The classically-trained ensemble personnel represent a wealth of professional musical experience which ranges from solo, through orchestral, to TV and film work. The unique beauty of the group lies in its instrumental combination: in its fullest flowering, the group is able to perform the great wind sextet works which, in their turn, are complemented by the more intimate trio – or even duo – works that abound amongst this particular group of instruments. In this way, the ensemble is able to provide balance, flexibility and interest in its programming. The group draws upon its rich individual resources to provide the unique blend of communication, meticulousness and musicality that are the trade-mark of their wide-ranging professional work.

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