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Musical Theatre duo
Bonnet and Belt Theatre Company specialise in the dramatic retelling of the history and traditions from the canals of England

Bonnet and Belt Theatre Company was formed in 2017 and specialises in  the retelling of the history and traditions from the canals of England in music, song and drama. Our mission is to entertain and to educate about the rich history, heritage and traditions of the English waterways.  Our new production, "Canals of Old England" will be on tour on the canal in 2018. The Cast Company head Phil Underwood is a canal boatman,  award winning playwright, actor/musician, singer/songwriter and performer of traditional music. He is passionate about the canal, its history and the communities that live and work on it. Nancy Potts is a rising young folk musician performing on fiddle. She learned to walk on a canal boat. She has toured with Morris Offspring, performed at the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Sidmouth International Festival and Covent Garden Opera House.

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York C, 2 years ago

"a stunning and original musical history of England’s canals.”