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The music scene in Corpus is vibrant and diverse, and requires a dedicated and active music society. The Bene't Club, thanks to the input of enthusiastic musicians and support from the Master and Sibella, continues to thrive and offer Corpus the musical life it deserves. Master’s Lodge concerts provide a lovely opportunity to relax with a glass of wine with casual performances from many students and sometimes the Master himself! Our lunchtime concerts in the beautiful setting of the chapel feature skilled Corpus performers from a wide range of musical backgrounds. Open mic nights, in the Pelican Bar, are a great way to unwind in the bar, meet people, and listen to some live music. Everyone is welcome to play: we usually have a line-up of acoustic guitar, keys, acoustic bass and drums available. The Bene’t Club has enjoyed the premieres of many new works over the past year from its students, including pieces for choir, orchestra and chamber ensembles. Our resident orchestra, combining players from Corpus, Emmanuel, and Sidney Sussex has flourished, performing repertoire of a high standard. This term, they will be performing a programme of Slavic-influenced music, featuring Telemann’s Grillen-Sinfonia and a selection from Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances. Corpus is lucky to have a number of brilliant spaces for making music, including our beautiful chapel, our spacious lecture theatre, and our versatile college bar. We also have both a practice room and a separate rehearsal space with a drum kit, amps, and a digital keyboard. We are looking forward to another exciting term of music making. If you would like to know more about any aspect of musical life in college, please do get in touch!

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