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Awakening Savannah

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Rock band
Awakening savannah are a three piece original hard rock band from Swindon, Wiltshire. Loving rock music live and loud, check us out!!!!!!

Awakening Savannah formed this three piece back in January 2016. Since this the band have been working hard in the studio to perfect there original hard rock sound. 2017 has seen Awakening Savannah play the summer festivals intertwined with local venues show casing there dark lyrics, melodic acoustics and loud, weighty power chords. 2017 saw a new member join the band Mr Liam Dearing on drums after artistic differences saw their old drummer Chris leave the band. Since this time Liam has brought a new dimension to Awakening Savannah with his heavy rock/ metal drumming style. The band are very excited about 2018 and wish to spread there wings, write more music, and tour the country.

Rock band
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